A Primer in the Proper Use of an Alien Tongue

            Leo Rivers 2009 ©

An interesting Alien Language making its home on earth... Something captured my spirit about Enochian. It was a sacred "set aside" language for skrying. Even Hebrew is used for worldly matters. This diminished it a little.

This "set aside" aspect of Enochian makes is special, a "time and a place" character something deep within me identifies with. This is the real meaning of 2nd Temple Period "Cleanliness".  Later, Christians interpreted “Un-Cleanliness” as sin, and thus for them, sensuality and sexuality. Yes, there were many gender taboos in Hebrew "Cleanliness" laws, as in all traditional cultures!  But the bigger picture was that in that age "Cleanliness" for Israel meant "set aside" and "appropriate for" a Holy Task. For “them Cleanliness” meant "set aside" for spiritual purpose. When the origin of these laws were forgotten, these sexual laws became fetishes, and these obsessions of fearfulness in turn became famously repellant, the original context forgotten.

The Inner Temple in Jerusalem was the mount god stepped onto when visiting earth. It was the inner most ring of "Cleanliness", or set aside for sacredness. Then came the Outer Temple, the Temple  Mount, Jerusalem itself, and Israel, then the Outer World out to the ends of the Earth. What you are to imagine is a nested series of concentric rings, each inward circle more "set aside" to sacredness than the previous more outward ring.


But using a pure tongue like Enochian is "setting aside" that speech to spirituality. See? That is why it has a "charm" in a magical sense. I have used Enochian to compose spiritual orisons quite independent of more official "table" working. (For another example of creative use of language, check out  the French “space jazz rock” band MAGMA writes its song cycles in a "set aside" language, KOBAIAN.)



The fact a language is "made up" is not a denigration. "Making it up" is an aspect of making something "set aside" for a special use.

Since then I have recognized why I like A.O. Spare instinctively more than other more famous magicians. He "owns" up to making up his own spirit tongue and the outcome tastes more authentic to me. I use some of his procedural tools. Magic is tool making, you know.  Configuring surroundings, Making of everything a tuning fork intended to sound a tone when empathetic invisible worlds drift close to our location in this visible one. I hammer out the metal of an old kitchen knife and wedge the rough blade into the horn of a deer a friend fell hunting. I write in Enochian, with lampblack a spell on boiled newspapers shredded and turned by pounding and drying into sheaves. Everything intentional and cleanly, newly created, and sacred to the music of the thing.