We have two eyes, which allow us to have what's called parallax view. With two two eyes we can see the same thing in the distance from two different sides. This allows us to locate accurately an object in the distance. We each live in the community in which we have a home and employment and our friends and within a small nucleus of mutual support and love. We each live as the children of Earth. With the line of trade carrying goods and services in both directions all the way from China or Europe or Asia or South America we cannot help but share the same atmosphere the blow all over the Earth. Our oceans connect every shore. And the same sky shines over all of us. We are all homebodies and we are all global citizens - that is the parallax view you need to locate yourself and your family in the world of the 21st first century.

These are not opposing points of view. These two perspectives are like two strong legs you need to stand and move on, two hands by which you grab the tasks of your life. But national governments, when they shift from serving the needs of communities by serving as bridges to the world to serving the needs of powerful interests who stand to make a great deal of money in viewing the world as an economic battlefield, actually isolate us from opportunities in green growth and the economic possibilities available when we are in communication with the world

The religious texts of every nation are nothing less than attempts to give the individual the biggest picture they can have of a world in which the fate of the individuals are not only linked to the weal of the whole, but to the very stars above our constantly rolling sphere of the seasons. Our families and the world itself or the two eyes we look upon our world with. If either of them are put out is said that we have become blinded.

Leo Rivers, Cottage Grove. June 2, 2017  340 words

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