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(A few useful guides to comparing the Lemegeton to the Theurgy of Doctor John Dee)
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I received Joseph H. Peterson's complete "Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis" today, (July 31, 2001), and decided to celebrate finally having a stable edition of all five parts of the "Lesser Key" to sketch out a comparison of the magic of Doctor John Dee to the Lemegeton. His comments really got me off to a start and I thought I'd share the guide I set up for myself to look deeper into the complex relationships between these two famous systems of spirit magic. Nothing here is for sure. This is why I am presenting it in the form of a series of questions to puzzle over.

The book is available at:
http://www.magusbooks.com/catalog/search.asp?isbook=1&choice=A&Search=Peterson% 2C+Joseph+%28Ed%2E%29
The Complete Lesser Key His incomperable site, Twilit Grotto is at:
The Twilit Grotto http://www.esotericarchives.com/esoteric.htm

So...a few useful guides to comparing the Lemegeton to the Theurgy of Doctor John Dee

1.) The Table of Practice of the First Book of the Ars Paulina is to be compared to The Holy Table of Dee as described in Liber Tertius of the Liber Mysteriorum.
[Compare also to: The Magical Calendar , (Chthonios Books), edited by Adam McLean, Book II of the Steganographia by Trithemius, (Book II), and Sepher Rezial Hemelach,(The first English translation of "Sepher Rezial Hemelach: The Book of The Angel Rezial"), edited by Heba 'al Hemegieheh ]

2.) The preparations for Conjuration of the Holy Guardian Angel of the Second Book of the Ars Paulina is to be compared to the simple arrangement of the place of practice of the magic of de Heptarchia Mystica ,(Mysteriorum Libri Quinque ).

3.) The Almadel of pure white wax described in Solomon's Almadel Art partakes of both the Holy Table and the Sigilium Aemaeth of Liber Secundus.
[Compare also to: Sepher Maphyeah Shelomo,(Clavicula Salomonis), and Liber Juratus or The Sworne Booke of Honorius, (Liber Juratus, or the Sworne Booke of Honorius). ]

4.) The Four Chora or Altitudes described in the Almadel may be compared to the Four Tablets of the Watchtowers.

5.) Compare Elanel of the Conjuration to Hani'el or Annael as enjoyed the zenith of Dee's system. It may be a confusion like saying 'the city of New York City'. In other words: El-anel may be like saying "God-anel" in which the particle "el" meaning "god" has already been suffixed to the name, An or ha An, "the (deity) An".

6.) Compare the language of the Conjuration:
"O thou who art higher than the fourth heaven, and knows the secrets of Elanel . Thou that rides upon the wings of your winds and art mighty and potent in thy Celestial and super-lunary motion, do thou descend and be present I pray thee"
to the kind of language used in Dee's Calls:
"Can the wings of the winds understand the voices of wonder oh you the second of the first [angle]?" -- Here again the four angles of the Table of Dee seem to be comparable to the four Chora of the Almadel.

7.) And finally, try thinking this through with me. This may be one of those Brainwave's that evaporate when someone else examines it!

a.) Much difficulty has been found in attributing the four elements to the Table quadrants. (Not the Table of Practice, but the Angelic Table of the Enochian Period of Dee's Magic).

b.) Let's imagine that the Angelic Table is the floor plan of a Temple like the Temple of Solomon. The temple is a quartered square set in the center of the circle of the earth.

c.) Next: Why is there 91 aires? There are four quarters of the earth and 30 aires. This makes for 91 if you consider that Tex has the four elements and the other aires "not touching" the Earth have only the elemental triad of A-M-Sh, air, water, and fire.

d.) Imagine 30 concentric shells around a disc of the earth which is itself divided by an x or cross into four quarters. This triple division of all the aires by three elements except the innermost is interesting....

e.) ...if you imagine the disc of earth is Malkuth we can make this picture into the bottom third of the Tree of Life. Notice that the 30 aires between Malkuth and the Lunar Yesud contain three paths, one, Shin, going to Hod on the side of Fire, one, Qoph, going to Netsach on the side of Water, and one, Tau, going to Yesud in the middle place of Air.

f.) Now tilt the disc up so the far angle of the air quarter is pointed at Yesud. It is tinted with yellow which makes it citron in the Golden Dawn system is it not? Now isn't the fire quarter to the left tinted with red as is the water quarter to the right tinted with blue making russet and olive respectively? There are paths leading from the left, middle and right, each crossing each of the thirty aires making for 91 marks in all, counting the point of the black quadrant touching the top of the shells. Now compare the order of the Dee's Table of Earth to the order of the quadrants of the sphere of Malkuth as to element... This mutual explanation of the Table and Aires of Dee with the Tree of Life as viewed by the Golden Dawn seems to work out pretty well. Does it?

g.) My basic take is the five books of the Lemegeton seem to be an encyclopedia of Ritual to match the encyclopedia of Dogma to be found in Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa's "Of Occult Philosophy or Magic". The problem with the Lemegeton is that it is a collection of unconnected magical systems, each with its own focus, not a global system at all. This means by picking what you need out of it you aren't really taking anything out of its context and thus spoiling it. That's what Dee did, or at least, he accomplished by going to the sources of the materials in the Lemegeton.

Anyway, my health is not such as I will likely accomplish researching this comparison enough to be making a book of my own to peddle, so maybe you all will tell me what I'm curious to learn in time for me to appreciate it.

Blessed be,

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