"Move, therefore, and show yourselves! Open the mysteries of your creation!
For I am a servant of the same your God, a true worshipper of the Highest!"

Above is a sample of the Angelic language. These words appear at the end of Key One, as well as Keys Eleven through Eighteen, prayers given to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly by an angel in 1584 for use in evoking angels. These Keys, along with other samples of the Angelic language, form the basis of the Enochian system of magick, so named because it was supposedly given first to Enoch, the Biblical figure who "walked with God" and was reportedly taken up to heaven, avoiding death.

The samples given to Dee and Kelly -- the 49 Keys, which are made up of less than 1000 distinct words, plus the names of a large number of angels, and numerous snippets -- represent the only samples we have of the Angelic language. The angels have apparently chosen not to reveal any more of their language to anyone; unless someone out there has been very quiet about it!

The purpose of this web page is to serve as a public receptacle of analytical work that has been done on the existing samples of Angelic -- specifically, work that has explored closely the grammatical, syntactic, morphemic, phonetic, and phonemic properties of the Angelic language. Work regarding translation and textual analysis have also been featured. Links are given to such documents that have already been published on the Web, and space is dedicated here to new work that has not previously appeared on the Web.

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