The House of Enoch

Section One: "Enochic" Materials - The "Books of Enoch" Tradition from the Second Temple Period of Jewish Religious History. I. Enochic

Section Two: "Enochian" Materials - The Results of the Actions with Spirits of Doctor John Dee working in the 1580s II. Enochian

Section Three: Some Modern Enochian Materials III. Some Modern

Section Four: Supplimentary Materials IV. Supplementary

Section Five: Research Sources V. Research

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A Primer in the Proper Use of an Alien Tongue

A Primer in the Proper Use of an Alien Tongue

Section One: "Enochic" Materials

Sources for the Study of the "Enochic" Stream of Second Temple Judaism

The Ethiopian, Slavonic and Hebrew "Books" of Enoch" & related Literature

The Book of Enoch

The Book of the Secrets of Enoch

from: The Hebrew Book of Enoch

Section Two: "Enochian" Materials

Sources for the Study of the "Enochian" Stream of Occultism begun by Doctor John Dee

4 Enoch, or Dee's "Coversations with Angels" materials begun in England and continued on the European Continent, as well as its inheritors

This site is immeasurably enhanced by the honor I have to fold the Enochian Linguistics Web Site into a place here representing The Enochian ANgel Magic of Doctor John Dee.

Originally posted at the address
Lady Sophia Serpentia has graciously allowed me to uphold and in time build on her site.

For an introduction to Enochian Linguistics and and unfolding tesseract of Angelic Dimension,....INQUIRE WITHIN:

Enochian Linguistics

The Book of Revelations compared to The Dream of Mr. Kelly

The Vision of the Watchtowers Compared to The Book of Revelation

After reading about it, take a LOOK at it:

The Great Vision of the Watchtowers

These are the Four Ensigns of the Four Tables of the Quarters:

The Four Great Ensigns


the sigillium aemeth in lunar light

John Dee & the Legmegeton

from: Spirits and Apparitions

Section Three: Some Modern "Enochian" Materials

"The Sons and Daughters of Light" Some recsent expressions of Angel Magic and Apocalyptic Revelation Occultism embracing Enoch as Inspiration

And these are some seeds sown in my field:

5Enoch A Series of Dream and Waking Visionary Materials begun in the early 1980s and coming to fruition in the early decades of the New Millennium

My Vision of the Watchtowers

My Vision of the The Angel Lady

The Core Vision of 1992 after the Spring Break Quake

Enoch On the Beach

Section Four: Supplementary Materials

7 Planetary Incenses from a late 14th Century Grimoire
the Fragrances of the 7 Heavens

Jane Lead, a 17th Century Prophetess, (1624-1704)
The Enochian Walks with God

Section Five: Research Sources

Academic Sources:

The World's Sacred and Religious Texts

The Gnostic Society Virtual Library

The late Ben Rowe's Enochian World

the John Dee Publication Project

Modern Magical Sources:

Chat Room on Enochian Topics:

irc Server-
ask for HOATH!

Twilit Grotto:  The Archives of Western Esoteric TraditionThe Twilit Grotto: Academic Sources for the Study of the Western Occult Tradition


The Gnostic Society and Internet Library The Gnostic Society - A place for Modern Gnostics to meet and worship.
Enochian Coffee House

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